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Lent Craft for Kids

Lent is all about slowing down. It’s a time to prepare our hearts for the most important time of our Christian faith, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. During Lent, we make space for quiet, for prayer and for introspection. We think about who we are and all that has been won for us through the saving acts of Jesus.

A great way to create this sacred space for a child is through crafts.This Lenten banner is made from inexpensive supplies that you can get at Walmart or any crafts store. It is a foolproof craft! Don’t worry about the shapes your children cut out or if the glue gets everywhere. Let the pieces overlap, let them go out of the lines, it’s ok! Put on some worship music, relax and let go!

I love creating a sacred space where a child can just “be” with God. A space where they can still themselves, get lost in the creative process and have an encounter (whether they know it or not!) with God.

Lent Craft for Kids


Standard size felt in white, dark brown and light and dark purple

Fabric Glue

Light colored marker



Draw a rough cross shape on your white piece of felt. Cut out small pieces of brown felt. Glue brown pieces of felt inside the cross shape until no white is showing. Cut out small pieces of light purple fabric. Glue light purple pieces down around the cross. Add in small pieces of the dark purple felt. Continue filling in until the scene looks full.

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