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You Set a Table For Me

I dropped my youngest off with a group of her friends at a birthday party last week. I had this rare moment, a twenty minute drive with no kids, listening to MY music! Someone cue the heavenly chorus!

I am really into Ellie Holcomb right now. If you haven’t listened to her, you should give her a try. The way she writes is so unique and I love it. I was listening to one of her latest releases, “Canyon”, and at the end of the song there’s a bridge that starts

I walked into the desert and I found you

You set a table for me

I knew the passage. You probably know the passage. It’s from Psalm 23, the psalm that talks about the Lord being our shepherd and that we shall not want. I also knew the line that was coming next…

In the presence of my enemies

I really don’t like that line. It's always bothered me. It’s so BOOM, in your face, enemies! God’s on my side, not yours and you are going to watch as He feeds me!

But then the song goes on

In the presence of my enemies

To share with my enemies

No longer my enemies.

No longer my enemies

The next thing I knew I was crying. Could that bridge be true? I walked into the house stunned. My husband was standing in the kitchen and asked if I was ok. I felt so silly and overly emotional about a couple of lines in a song. Without playing the song for him, I just pulled the words up online and let him read them. His eyes immediately filled with tears. Neither of us could talk. It was one of those things that was so powerful you just couldn’t talk about it right then.

Could it be that God is so good, so lavish in His love for all of us that the table He sets for me is also an invitation for you?