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When I was a young mom, I really wanted to find ways to incorporate our Christian faith into our family’s daily life. I began researching and collecting ideas for celebrating the church year in your home. I collected recipes and traditions from around the world and compiled them into liturgical living guidebooks to help families celebrate the seasons of the church in their own homes. 

The Liturgical Home: Lent

Lent Book Zoomed Out.heic

In the tapestry of the Christian liturgical year, the season of Lent emerges as a profound and transformative journey. It is a journey that prepares us for the most miraculous event in our lives, the death and resurrection of Jesus. In a culture that frequently prizes instant gratification and superficial pleasures, Lent calls us to something deeper, something more enduring. It’s a call to look inward, to confront our weaknesses, and to embrace the grace that is so freely offered to us in Christ. In this Lenten edition of The Liturgical Home, Ashley invites you to observe a Holy Lent with:

~ An Introduction to the Season
~ Ways to Observe Lent in Your Home
~ The Meaning Behind our Lenten Traditions
~ Lenten Devotions For Your Family
~ Traditional Recipes from Around the World

The Liturgical Home: Easter


Rediscover the beauty of the historical celebration of Easter. Easter is the high point of the Church year, but it is often celebrated for one day and then we move on. Historically, Easter was celebrated for fifty days! Fifty days of celebrating and feasting the resurrection of Jesus. This special season is known as the season of Easter and is marked by Christians worldwide. It is a season filled with beautiful traditions and incredible foods. This year, why not celebrate Easter differently? Bring the hope of Easter to your home, with Ashley as your guide.

The Liturgical Home: Advent


Advent is the beginning of the Church year, but it is often neglected in the rush of shopping and holiday preparation. Why not slow down, and focus instead on the promises of God? Bring the hope of Advent to your home, with Ashley as your guide.

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