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A Look Inside The Liturgical Home - Advent

My guidebook on Advent is now available!

The Liturgical Home - Advent provides everything you need to celebrate the beautiful season of Advent in your home.

Now that Halloween is over, the world is telling us that it’s time to rush. It’s also telling us to start consuming as much as we possibly can over the next few months! But the Church is telling us that it’s almost Advent and that Advent is the time to slow down and to meditate in every way on the mystery of what is getting ready to happen to us on Christmas Day, the Incarnation, God made flesh, the birth of our Savior, Jesus.

We need a reset, a shift, a way to slow down and Advent is the way. Advent helps us to hear that small, still voice saying, “prepare ye the way of the Lord”.

Celebrating Advent takes the chaos and the frantic rush of our lives and it forces us to slow down. We are given, as a family, time. And not just any kind of time but God’s time.

The Liturgical Home - Advent is a guidebook to help your family walk through this beautiful season.

What you will find in the book:

  • What are the seasons of the Church?

  • What is Advent and why do we celebrate it?

  • All of the beautiful traditions from around the world that help us celebrate the season of Advent. From Advent Wreaths to Christmas Stockings, you’ll learn the reason why we celebrate these traditions and how to celebrate them.

  • All of the special days throughout Advent. From St. Nicholas’ Day to Las Posadas, you’ll learn why we celebrate these special days along with all of their history, traditions and foods.

  • Family devotions for every day in Advent, including the special prayers for the Advent Wreath.

  • Traditional recipes from around the world to celebrate these special events.

I hope this book will be a huge blessing to you and your family!

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