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Easter Beyond Sunday: Embracing the Fullness of Eastertide

Updated: Mar 13

As Christians, we know that Easter is the most important day of the Christian year. It is the day of the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and his triumph over sin and death. The death and resurrection of Jesus are the basis of our faith for, as St. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15, “if Christ is not risen then your faith is futile; you are still in your sins!” But “in fact, Christ has been raised from the dead!” And in his resurrection, he has defeated sin and death and hell forever! This is why for Christians Easter is the most joyful and jubilant celebration of the entire year.

For All of Easter

But what happens after Easter Sunday? For many Christians, the celebration begins and ends on Easter Sunday and life returns to normal. But the miracle of Easter can’t possibly be contained in one day. Just as the birth of Jesus has an entire season of celebration known as the Twelve Days of Christmas or Christmastide, Easter also has a season of celebration known as Eastertide.

Unfortunately, many Christians are unaware of this season and miss out on its rich spiritual significance. This is why we need a book for all of Easter, the whole season of Eastertide.

50 Days of Easter

Since Easter is the summit of our faith, Eastertide is a season of feasting and celebration that lasts for 50 whole days! Eastertide begins at the Great Easter Vigil on Easter Eve and lasts until the giving of the Holy Spirit and the birthday of the Church on Pentecost.

During the season of Eastertide, we bask in the glory of the resurrection and celebrate the new life that we have in Christ. For 50 days, Christians around the world feast together, sing together and rejoice together in the resurrection of Our Lord and Savior. It is a deep and meaningful time that helps us to fully appreciate what Christ has accomplished for us.

Eggs & Baskets

Eastertide has a rich history with beautiful traditions and incredible foods from around the world. In this book, I’ve set about to recover those rich traditions that accompany the season. Not only are there explanations on the overall history of the seasons of the Church but also on the season of Eastertide. I recommend traditions for celebrating the whole season, as well as specific days such as the Rogation Days and Ascension Day.

I provide the history of all of the symbols and traditions that we associate with Easter: Why are eggs a symbol of Easter? What’s the significance of the Easter basket? Why do we flower the cross on Easter Day? The background story to all of these things is just beautiful and will delight you as they did me.

Devotions & Recipes

I also include family devotions for the weeks of Easter as well as the special days, and (of course!) amazing Easter recipes from around the world.

Now you may want to know which recipes I’ve included. I have 22 in the book, but I’ll only name a few here since I want to leave you some surprises! Look forward to Czech Sweet Easter Bread, Piquant Leg of Lamb, Blueberry & Lemon Tart, Divinity, and Osterfladen!

The Eastertide Journey

My hope is that this book will be a valuable resource for families who want to deepen their understanding and celebration of the beautiful season of Eastertide. Whether you are new to the Anglican tradition or a lifelong member, there is something in this book for everyone. So join me in celebrating this beautiful season of new life and resurrection, and let’s journey together through the joyous 50 days of Eastertide.

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