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Easter Fun With Egg-Cracking Games

Here’s a fun thing to do during the season of Easter, play an egg-cracking game! Egg-cracking games are played all over the world to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. The rule of the game is simple, try to crack your opponent’s egg without cracking your own!

One person holds a hard-boiled egg and taps the hard-boiled egg of another participant with one's own egg intending to break the other's, without breaking one's own. There are variations of the game around the world. In Switzerland, you need only one egg instead of two. Usually, the adults are those who try to break the decorated eggs of their children with a twenty-cent coin. If the coin cracks the eggshell and sticks in the egg, the adult claims the egg. On the other hand, the child claims the coin if the adult fails to crack the egg. In many other countries, a nail is used to crack the egg rather than a coin. The nail symbolizes the nails used to crucify Christ.

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