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Establishing New Rhythms in Summer: Eating Together

A picnic spread on a blue blanket

Summer is here! No more school and no more routines which sounds like a good thing! But without a normal routine, we can start to feel disconnected, drifting through our days without truly connecting to our faith or each other.

To help, I introduced a new series, Establishing New Rhythms in Summer: Embracing Ordinary Time. Over the week, we’ve been exploring how we can embrace these new laidback rhythms of summer while also establishing easy rhythms that draw us closer to God and strengthen our connections with each other.

Today I wanted to focus on the rhythm of Eating Together.

One of the simplest yet most important ways to connect with your family during the summer is by gathering around the table, or better yet, outside in God's creation. Here are some easy and unique ideas for your summer meals:

Picnic Communion

Instead of eating inside, go on a picnic. Pack a meal with a loaf of bread, assorted cheeses, and fresh fruit. Find a peaceful spot in a park, your backyard, by a lake, or the ocean. Begin your meal with a prayer of thanksgiving and enjoy the freedom and wonder of the outdoors.

Farm-to-Table Feasts

Take advantage of local farmers' markets and the bounty of the season. Involve the whole family in the outing by allowing them to select fresh produce, then come home and create a meal together. As you cook, discuss the blessings of the season and the beauty of God’s provision.

Sabbath BBQs

Dedicate one evening a week to a leisurely barbecue. Invite friends and neighbors, and before diving into the feast, take a moment for everyone to share something beautiful that God is doing in their life.


By incorporating these simple yet meaningful practices into your summer routine, you can create moments of faith and connection. Whether through picnic communion, farm-to-table feasts, or Sabbath BBQs, eating together can become a holy rhythm that enriches your faith and strengthens your bonds with each other.

So, let's savor the slower pace, delight in our meals, and cherish our time together. Here's to a summer filled with faith, family, and the joyous rhythms of Ordinary Time!


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