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Establishing New Rhythms in Summer: Embracing Ordinary Time

A mountain field with pink wild roses.

Summer is here! The season of sun-kissed days and unstructured time, where the long, warm evenings invite us to linger a little longer. However, the freedom of unstructured time can be a double-edged sword. Without a normal routine, we can start to feel disoriented and disconnected, drifting through our days without truly connecting to our faith or each other. As we find ourselves in Ordinary Time, it’s a wonderful opportunity to establish new rhythms that bring our faith into the heart of this relaxed season.

To help, I wanted to introduce a new series, Establishing New Rhythms in Summer: Embracing Ordinary Time. Over the next week, we’ll explore how we can bring our faith into the heart of this relaxed season, establishing new and easy rhythms that draw us closer to God and strengthen our connections with each other. Ordinary Time is a beautiful opportunity for us all to grow, reflect, and deepen our faith in meaningful ways.

What's Coming Up This Week

Over the next week, we’ll dive into specific ways to establish these new rhythms through different aspects of our daily lives:

  1. Eating Together: We’ll explore how sharing meals can become sacred moments of connection and gratitude. From picnics to farm-to-table feasts, we’ll discover ways to make our meals more meaningful and faith-filled.

  2. Prayer: We’ll look at creative ways to integrate prayer into our summer routines. Whether it’s morning praise walks, evening campfire Compline, or keeping a summer prayer journal, there are many beautiful practices to explore.

  3. Celebrating the Liturgical Year: Embracing the liturgical year can feel daunting, but summer is the perfect time to ease into it. We’ll discuss simple ways to observe feast days and saints’ days, incorporate liturgical colors into our homes, and engage in family projects that celebrate our faith.

Embrace the Season

Ordinary Time is anything but ordinary. It’s a time for growth, reflection, and deepening our faith. By establishing new rhythms of eating, praying, and celebrating the liturgical year together, we invite the sacred into our everyday summer moments, making this season truly extraordinary.

So, join me this next week as we begin this journey to bring more intention, connection, and faith into our summer days. Let’s savor the slower pace, delight in our meals, deepen our prayers, and celebrate the liturgical year with joy and creativity. Here’s to a summer filled with faith, family, friends, and the joyous rhythms of Ordinary Time!


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