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How to Celebrate the Feast of St. Matthias

Each year, the Christian community observes the Feast of St. Matthias, a day set aside to honor the apostle chosen to replace Judas Iscariot following his betrayal of Jesus Christ. 

St. Matthias's story is found in the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 1:15-26). After the Ascension of Jesus, the remaining eleven apostles, led by Peter, decided to fill the vacancy left by Judas. The criteria for Judas's replacement were specific: it had to be someone who had accompanied Jesus and the disciples from the time of John the Baptist until Jesus’s Ascension. Two men were proposed: Joseph called Barsabbas and Matthias. The apostles prayed for divine guidance and cast lots, and Matthias was chosen, restoring the group to the symbolic number of twelve.

After his selection as an apostle, little is known about Matthias’s life and ministry. However, various traditions hold that he preached in Judea and then carried the Gospel to other areas, including Ethiopia. 

Ways to Celebrate the Feast of St. Matthias

Read Acts 1:15-26

Tradition has it that St. Matthias spread the gospel in Ethiopia, so make Dabo Kolo—a crunchy, spicy snack that is common in Ethiopia.

Since St. Matthias was chosen by casting lots, “cast lots” to see who gets to help make the Dabo Kalo.

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