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How to Use Incense in Your Home

Yesterday, I shared all about the use of incense. I know that incense can be a controversial topic. Either we are completely opposed to it but we don't know why or we love it but we don't know why! In my post on incense (read here), I shared the biblical history of incense, why the ancient Israelites used it, what it means, and why Christians still use it to this day.

The use of incense is such a beautiful liturgical tradition that has profound symbolism and makes the spiritual tangible. Incense transforms a space from secular to sacred in a way that we can see and smell. As you see the smoke of incense rising in the church or in your home, as you smell the smell of frankincense or myrrh, we are made physically aware that we are in a sacred space, that God is with us, and that our prayers are rising to him.

I love using incense in the home for these very reasons. How cool is it that when we sit down to pray, we can also light incense as a way to set apart the time as sacred? As the smoke wafts up and around us, we are keenly aware that God's Holy Spirit is with us, and as we pray, we are reminded that our prayers, like the incense, are rising to the Lord and that it is a sweet smell to Him.


Charcoal (I purchased a 3-pack for $5.95 but you could get a single roll for $1.95)

Incense (I purchased the "Staff Favorites Sampler Pack" for $24.95 because I thought it would be fun to experience the different kinds but you can also get frankincense or myrrh for as low

as $1.95 a bag)

Matches or some sort of candle lighter

Note: If you have allergies or are afraid that the smoke might be too much, they also sell a "smokeless incense starter kit."


Place your incense burner where you want it. Hold a charcoal tablet with your tongs and light it with a match. Move the flame all around the outside of the charcoal. Little red glowing sparks will form on the outside of the charcoal. Place the charcoal tab in the incense burner. Pick up one piece of incense and lay it on top of the charcoal. Cover with the brass grill. The incense will start to smoke and fill the room.

Note: The outside of the ceramic burner will get very hot so make sure your children can't touch it.

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Place the charcoal on top of the brass grill. Click on the An incense burner link and watch the video

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