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My Favorite Advent Calendars

One of my children’s favorite things to mark our movement through Advent is the Advent Calendar. My children are teenagers now but they still want to take turns pulling out the nativity figures and placing them on their Advent Calendar!

Advent Calendars were created in nineteenth-century Germany as a fun way to mark the days of Advent. There are many different kinds of Advent Calendars: ones you hang on the wall or place on a table, ones that are keepsakes that you use every year, or disposable ones that you use and then throw away. Whatever the differences, they are all used in the same way; for each day of Advent, there is either a window or a pouch that is opened and reveals something. They can hold a figure from the nativity scene, a trinket, a piece of candy, a coin, a picture, or a Bible verse.

My mother-in-law gave us our keepsake Advent Calendar when we had our first child; I love it! It has brought so much joy to our family and has been so fun for the kids to hang out and play with each year. I have also used the beautiful paper ones that have a scripture behind each flap or a piece of chocolate. They are all fun!

Today I am sharing some of my favorite Advent Calendars that can be used with your children during the season of Advent:

A keepsake made of fabric with Velcro-affixed stuffed figures which are removed from the pockets and added to the scene each day of Advent.

A keepsake made of fabric with Velcro-affixed stuffed figures which are removed from the pockets and added to the scene each day of Advent.

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From Ann Voskamp, open the book to see a 13-inch, three-dimensional Jesse Tree pop up from the page. At its foot are 25 doors, one for each day of Advent, which hide meaningful, beautifully detailed ornaments―including the Christmas star―that are ready to be hung on the tree. Also inside is a simple devotional book with a reading for each of the 25 ornaments.

A cute calendar for kids where you add a sticker each day.

This unique advent calendar features 24 jewel-like miniature board books to help children count down to Christmas. Each day from December 1st through Christmas Eve, open a book, just like the peek-a-boo window on an Advent calendar, and then hang it on the Christmas tree by its gold thread loop. Read in sequence, the books tell the magical story of the first Christmas, from Gabriel’s visit to Mary to the Three Wise Men gazing at the star to Jesus' birth. A treasured keepsake to reuse year after year.

From Focus on the Family. Take your family on a fun-filled journey to the manger this Christmas season! Learn more about Bible characters related to the Nativity and help teach your children about the true meaning of Christmas. Dive into each day of Advent with devotions and activities that will engage the entire family. Packed full of fun activities, Journey to the Manger Advent Calendar includes an Advent poster, Bible character stickers, readings, kids’ puzzles, and more!

Count down the days 'til Christmas with this family Advent Calendar. The beige fabric calendar hangs on a wooden dowel and features the Nativity scene at the top, and a series of daily pockets below. Attractively colored scripture cards are included for use each day in a special drawstring bag. Read the card and slip it into the pocket until you have read the entire Nativity story by Christmas day. For added fun, place special treats in the pockets, which are sized perfectly for little hands!

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