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Practice Resurrection With Easter Flowers

A tablescape of little glass jars filled with white and pink flowers.

The resurrection of Jesus is the apex of our Christian faith. For fifty days, we, as the people of God, celebrate this life-changing event. As we move through the Easter season, I am trying to be more intentional in celebrating. As Wendell Berry so powerfully states, I am trying to "practice resurrection" in my daily life.

I've found that a powerful and easy way to practice resurrection in my home is with flowers. I make sure to keep a bouquet or little mini bouquets on our kitchen table all through the season of Easter to remind us that we are celebrating.

Every time I walk through the room and see those flowers, I am immediately prompted to offer thanks and praise for all that was accomplished on my behalf through Jesus' death and resurrection and I hope that the same is true for my husband and children as well!

Little Easter Flower Arrangements

For the little Easter flower arrangements that are in the pictures, I used various sizes of canning or jelly jars, a bouquet of alstromerias from my grocery store, and a thrifted white tablecloth. Alstromerias are a very common flower bouquet sold in grocery stores. They are very inexpensive and when used by themselves, have a very sweet, simple look. I love them! Oh, and they last for a very long time!

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