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Practice Resurrection: Tissue Paper Cherry Blossom Arrangement.

Updated: Apr 9

We are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus for 50 days! 50 days of feasting and celebrating! One of the ways I love to celebrate the Easter season is with flowers. Lately, I've seen all of these gorgeous pictures of blossoming branches in vases in people's homes. Unfortunately, I live in a coastal area where we don't have a lot of blossoming fruit trees so I decided to make this tissue paper cherry blossom arrangement and create my own version of the blooming branches.

I found a branch on my morning walk, perfect for a white ceramic pitcher I like using for floral arrangements. You can create a design as large or as small as you want. Just choose a container that balances with the height of the branches. I used two shades of pink tissue paper for this tutorial, but any other colors would look lovely as well. Any way you choose, this easy-to-make spring decor is perfect for dressing up your home and reminding you of Easter. And as always, I created this tutorial with children in mind. Now go make your own customized version of this tissue paper cherry blossom arrangement!

Happy Easter! ~ Ashley

Pink tissue paper, a branch, glue gun, a blue ruler and orange handled scissors.
Supplies Needed for the Arrangement



Container (you could use mason jars with small twigs, a pitcher, a vase, etc.)

Tissue paper (I used two shades of pink but you could use yellow, white or lavender. Really any color will do!)

Clear Glue or Hot Glue (I used hot glue and clear glue in case you have little children and don't want them to burn themselves. Both worked just fine.)



A retractable pen

Measure and cut out 3" X 3" squares of your two different colors of tissue paper.

Stack the squares and cut into a four petal shape. This is not an exact science! Your shapes might look rough but the next steps will hide any flaws.

Overlay a petal shape from each color.

Take the end of a retractable pen that has been retracted and push it into the center of the two pieces of tissue paper.

Push the shapes over the pin and lightly twist the tip. Set aside. Continue making blossoms until have have enough to cover each branch tip.

Add a branch or branches to your container.

Hot glue or glue the tips of the petals to the ends of your branches. If you are using hot glue, it should be done by an adult rather than a child. It is too easy to burn yourself. I used hot and clear school glue and preferred the clear school glue. It did not burn and it did not leave those long threads of hot glue everywhere.

Keep gluing on blossoms until all of the branch tips are covered.

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