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Why is Purple the Color of Lent?

Ever wonder why purple is the color of Lent?

The Gospel of Mark recounts for us in stark detail how the soldiers mocked our Lord before his crucifixion. They arrayed him in a purple robe and a crown of thorns.

For the soldiers, the robe of royal purple and the crown of thorns was just another cruel taunt for a man condemned to die. For us, they are the robe and crown of our King who willingly gave up his life for the life of the world.

This poignant moment in Scripture highlights the dual symbolism of purple - the royalty of Christ and the suffering he endured. During Lent, as we use purple, we are not only reminded of our call to repentance and reflection but also of this profound moment in Christ’s passion.

This powerful imagery serves as a somber reminder of the mocking of Jesus as the ‘King of the Jews’ and invites us into a deeper meditation on the sacrifices He made and the true kingship He represents.

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