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Alleluia! Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, salvation has come to the world! Easter is the high point of the Church year, but it is often celebrated for only one day and then we move on. Historically, Easter was celebrated for fifty days! This special time is known as the season of Easter and is marked by Christians worldwide as a season filled with beautiful traditions and incredible foods. For fifty full days, we will feast, sing, and rejoice in the resurrection of Our Lord and Savior. This year, bring the joy of Easter to your home, with Ashley Wallace as your guide.

This Easter edition of The Liturgical Home includes:

  • An Introduction to the Season

  • Ways to Celebrate Easter in Your Home

  • The Meaning Behind All of our Easter Symbols

  • Easter Devotions For Your Family

  • Traditional Recipes from Around the World

Your family will be blessed as these holy traditions help you celebrate new life in Christ for years to come!

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