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Welcome to the Team!



Thank you for signing up to be a part of the Liturgical Home: Advent Launch Team!

Over the next three weeks, we’ll be gearing up to celebrate the season of Advent. 

Advent is a beautiful season of preparation before one of the most momentous days in our lives, the birth of Jesus.  I am so excited to walk with you as we slow down and really begin to contemplate the great mystery of the incarnation, God made flesh. 


My guidebook on Advent will provide you with the rich history of the season along with all of the traditions, special feast days and special Advent recipes from around the world.

One of my favorite parts of the book is the family devotions for every day of Advent. The devotions are easy for families to use and walk you through the whole epic story of our salvation. We will move from Creation and The Fall through the prophecies of a coming Messiah to the triumphant climax with the story of the birth of Christ on Christmas Day.

I hope that the guidebook is a blessing to you and your family and that, through this book, you are able to fully prepare your hearts for the miracle of Christmas Day!

Keep reading on for a few details, the launch team promise, and your digital copy of The Liturgical Home: Advent.


Ashley Wallace


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let's get started

Here’s your digital copy of The Liturgical Home: Advent

I look forward to connecting with you over the next four weeks as we prepare to celebrate the holy season of Advent. For now, I’d love for you to download your digital copy of the book and begin looking through it. I think you’ll really love having the digital copy to look over before your actual book comes in the mail (if you haven’t ordered yet, here’s the link!). Enjoy looking through the digital copy and I’ll meet you in your inbox in a few days!

Until then, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me

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