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Advent is Almost Here!

Tomorrow is the first day of Advent!

Each Advent, we wait with the prophets and with all of creation for the birth of the promised Savior. The prophets’ call grows silent for 400 years and then suddenly, out of nowhere, the Almighty God stretches forth His hand to a small town and calls a seemingly insignificant young girl and she says “yes”. The God of the universe humbles himself and makes himself flesh, to fully humble himself, and to fully walk with us in our sorrow. He takes the form of a helpless babe. It is a great mystery. It is the Incarnation. It is God with us, Emmanuel.

This event is so spectacular, so exceptional, and so important that time itself starts here. The first day of the Church year is the first Sunday of Advent. Advent comes from the Latin “Adventus” and simply means "coming." The Season of Advent begins four Sundays before Christmas and is a time for us to prepare not only for the celebration of the coming of Christ as a babe on Christmas Day, but also for the Second Coming of Christ when He will return in triumph to judge the world.

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