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Nurturing Seeds of Faith: Christian Children's Books and the Season of Ordinary Time

As we find ourselves in the season of Ordinary Time, I've been reflecting on how we can nurture our children's spiritual growth. Like the seeds we plant in our gardens, our children's faith needs to be tended, watered, and given plenty of sunshine to flourish. And one of the best ways to do this is through Christian children's books.

These books, filled with stories of God's love, plant the seeds of faith in their hearts. They help our children understand the teachings of the Lord in a language they can understand and are also like the gentle rain that nourishes the seeds.

Children's Bibles play a pivotal role in nurturing a child's faith journey. They serve as a foundational tool, introducing children to the teachings of the Bible in a language that is accessible and engaging for them. These Bibles often use simplified language, vibrant illustrations, and relatable stories that bring the Word of God to life for young minds. As children grow and their understanding deepens, these early interactions with the Bible can serve as a spiritual compass, guiding them in their faith.

One of my absolute favorites is The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones. We read this to our children over and over again and I still use it to this day in Children's Church. I love the illustrations for this book as well as the theme that every story in the Bible whispers Jesus' name. It's a wonderful way to introduce our little ones to the love of God and the beauty of His word.

Another wonderful Children's Bible is The Biggest Story Bible Storybook by Kevin DeYoung. This beautifully illustrated book is for elementary and middle school aged children and weaves the narrative of the Bible into an engaging, easy-to-understand story. It takes children on a journey from the Garden of Eden to Christ's resurrection, highlighting God's incredible plan of salvation. What makes this storybook Bible so impactful is its ability to present the overarching story of the Bible, showing children how each story is part of a larger, grand narrative.

Your Brave Song by Ann Voskamp is such a beautiful and inspiring children's book that encourages young readers to discover their unique voice and courage. It's such a sweet reminder that every child has a brave song inside them, waiting to be sung.

Happy: Psalm 92 by Sally Lloyd Jones is the sweetest book that brings the joyful message of Psalm 92 to life. This book invites young readers to explore the themes of gratitude, joy, and the beauty of God's creation. It encourages children to find happiness in everyday blessings and to express their gratitude to God.

Breathe: A Child's Guide to Ascension, Pentecost, and the Growing Time by Laura Alary. A beautiful book that walks you through the season of Ordinary Time and invites children to wonder about and watch for the presence and work of the Spirit in practices of prayer and mindfulness.

As we read these books with our children, we're not just sharing stories, we're nurturing the seeds of faith in their hearts. Let's make the most of this Ordinary Time, reading, sharing, and growing together in the Lord!

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