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Cinnamon Buns and New Traditions

I write about celebrating the seasons of the church in the home. I share not only my family’s recipes and traditions but recipes and traditions from Christians around the world. One of the things that people often mention to me is that they wish they had known about these faith traditions years ago or that you can only have faith based traditions if you are married or have little kids. There is a sense of sadness about it all like they just don’t qualify to have traditions or it's just too late to start.

But traditions are a funny thing. When do traditions actually become traditions? When is it “ok” to start them? Can you even start them or do they have to be passed from generation to generation?

This past year, my youngest daughter developed an intense passion for baking. In her search for new recipes, she discovered the famous baker, Richard Bertinet’s Cinnamon Buns. That Sunday, after church, she printed out her recipe and set to work. As the aroma of the buns filled the house, the whole family hovered in the kitchen, wondering what amazing treat awaited us. We all marvelled at the intricate beauty of the braided buns and “oohed and aahed” over the very best cinnamon buns we had ever tasted.

Now, every Sunday, we beg my youngest to make her cinnamon buns. In such a short amount of time, those cinnamon buns have become an unexpected and firmly entrenched tradition in our family. Cinnamon buns are suddenly the thing our family looks forward to every Sunday.

Our family is so much richer now because of the tradition that she created!

No matter if you are single or your kids are grown or your kids are little, there is always room for a new tradition!

Start today! Here’s the recipe for the cinnamon buns. I even included my youngest’s conversion chart! : )

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