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Crying Over Spilled Coffee

It’s rainy outside today and I guess that’s making us a little squirrelly. My oldest child is on the spectrum and he has been particularly loud, impulsive and accident prone. I handled it all SO well at the beginning of the day! I really did! I was all patience and gentle guidance. But as the hours passed, so did my patience. It slipped and slipped and slipped until there was absolutely none left.

By the time our lunch break/quiet time hit, I had fussed and scolded aplenty and I was ever so ready for him to retire to his room where he likes to jump on his little fitness trampoline and listen to music.

I decided I was going to make myself a very large cup of coffee and I was going to sit down and take a much deserved break. As I poured the coffee, I really can’t explain what happened but I missed the center of the cup and spilled coffee all over the counter. It was at this moment that a revelation hit me so hard in my heart - if my son had done that, I totally, 100% would have snapped all over him about it.

What’s the word for a total and immediate realization that you have sinned???? Because whatever that word is, that’s what happened to me.

Have mercy on me, O God, according to your unfailing love;

according to your great compassion blot out my transgressions.

Psalm 51:1

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your kind and gentle intervention in my heart today!

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