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Happy St. Simon and St. Jude Day!

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

St. Jude

Today is the feast of St. Simon and St. Jude!

It is CRAZY TOWN in the Wallace household today. It is homecoming weekend for my senior and sophomore so we are on overload with float making, football and a dance. We read the prayer for today and I am making…homemade popcorn! That’s celebratory, right? Hey, it’s all I can handle and it’s better than nothing! 

Moving on to the history of the feast of St. Simon and St. Jude - 

St. Simon and St. Jude were both disciples of Jesus and later  became “Apostles” or ones sent on a mission to spread the Gospel. St. Simon is referred to as the “zealot” in the Gospels and we know that St. Jude was the brother of James the Less. It was St. Jude that asked Jesus why he revealed himself to so few people and not to the whole world and it was St. Jude who later wrote the letter of Jude in the New Testament. They are celebrated on the same day because they preached the Gospel together in Persia where they were both martyred.

Ways to Celebrate

Read the letter of Jude in the bible.

Make cookies in the shape of gingerbread men to represent St. Simon and St. Jude.

Locate the area that used to be Persia on a map and then look at where Israel is. Discuss how far of a distance it would have been to travel

by foot or by boat to spread the Gospel. 

Make homemade popcorn!


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