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Holy Saturday

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Today is Holy Saturday. Jesus, the hope of so many people, had been brutally murdered and buried on Good Friday. The anguish his followers must have felt. The shock. The devastation.

The man that had radically changed their lives, that they believed was their Savior was gone. The disbelief and utter horror they must have felt on Holy Saturday.

Yet we know now, through holy scripture, that this is the day Jesus descended to the land of the dead where the Gospel message was preached. Jesus’ saving works continued and the world had no idea.

This is why on Holy Saturday we are suspended between two worlds - the world of darkness, sin and death and the new world of light and resurrection.

We remember the anguish the followers of Jesus felt on this day but it is hard to contain our excitement because we know what tomorrow holds - the most glorious day of all - the day that Our Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead and defeated death forever!

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