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How to Make Homemade Popcorn

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Ok, this might seem like a copout recipe but I promise you it’s not! YOU might know that making homemade popcorn is easy but I had no idea until I had kids! I grew up with prepackaged and easy to make everything: cake mixes, Cool Whip, microwave popcorn, the list goes on and on! And I always assumed that because my family bought the easy, quick to make versions of foods, that to make anything from scratch must be way too hard!

I was astounded when I found out that making homemade popcorn was so easy! And not only is it easy, it's cheaper and so much better for you! All you need are popcorn seeds, oil, salt and about five minutes. You will love the taste and your kids will be so excited to help!


½ cup Orville Redenbacher's white corn popcorn seeds

⅓ cup vegetable oil


Melted butter (optional)

Fill a large pot with oil and turn to medium high heat. Pour in the popcorn seeds and shake the pan to cover the seeds in oil. Place the lid of the pan at an angle to allow steam to escape as the popcorn seeds start to pop. Venting the lid is very important otherwise your popcorn will get soggy. Do not leave the pot as the popcorn seeds pop! The seeds will start to pop quickly and the pot will start to fill up. When you notice that the popping is slowing down, pull the pan off of the heat, uncover, sprinkle with salt and melted butter and stir.

A note on why I specify Orville Redenbacher popcorn seeds - I've tried the cheaper kinds from Walmart and Target and they do not taste as good. Plus, you can usually find the Orville Redenbacher brand on BOGO at your local grocery store which makes them cheap.

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