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Humingbird Cake

We just celebrated my youngest daughter’s birthday and her birthday cake request was one of my all time favorites...Hummingbird Cake!

My mother always made it for us growing up and she was famous for it at our church. Everyone always hoped that she would bring it to the church picnics.

If you are not familiar with the cake, it is a moist three layer cake with cream cheese frosting (see, I do like cream cheese frosting!) with cinnamon, banana, crushed pineapple and toasted pecans. If that sounds weird to you, trust me, it’s magical.

Turns out, it was submitted to Southern Living Magazine in 1978 and has been their most popular cake ever!

Are you guys familiar with it? Maybe it's just a southern thing?

If you’d like to try this amazingness, here’s the link to the original recipe:

Bonus - you can always make a dad joke and say that actual hummingbirds are in the cake. My husband does... every. single. time.


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