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My Favorite Advent Wreath Supplies

One of my favorite ways to celebrate Advent is with The Advent Wreath.

An Advent Wreath is such a wonderful visual symbol to help us mark the passage of time through Advent. On the very first Sunday of Advent, my family collects greenery from our yard, assembles the wreath, and puts it in the middle of our kitchen table. The wreath is such a powerful sign to our family that we are joyfully waiting for the coming of our Savior as we light a new candle every Sunday night.

Everything about the wreath is symbolic and is an excellent teaching tool. The shape of the circle and the evergreens represent eternity. Candles represent a time of preparation and purification as well as the light or presence of Christ. The color of the candles is also symbolic. Violet represents penitence as we prepare our hearts for the birth of our Savior. Blue can also be used instead of violet to symbolize a sense of expectancy. The rose or pink candle represents Mary, the willing servant of God and the mother of our Lord. The white candle represents Christ and is lit on Christmas Eve.

Every Sunday night, we gather as a family, have our Advent devotion, sing, “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” and light the next Advent candle. It builds such anticipation to watch as every candle burns a little more. I love gathering in the evening, lighting the candles, breathing in the smell of evergreens, and reading through the story of our salvation with my family.

Today I am sharing the supplies you would need to make your own Advent Wreath. I have supplies listed for a standard size wreath and for a large Advent Wreath like the one that I make every year. Once you have assembled your wreath, place it on the kitchen or dining room table, gather your family every Sunday night for Evening Prayer, light the appropriate number of candles and pray through your family devotions.

And stay tuned because tomorrow I am sharing how to assemble the Advent Wreath!

Standard Size Advent Wreath Supplies

1. Greenery from your yard

2. An Advent Wreath Ring

3. Advent Candles

Advent Candle Set $12.99 with a $2 off coupon

4. A white pillar candle to represent the Christ Child.

5. A wire form to attach your greenery to.

Large Advent Wreath Supplies

1.Greenery from your yard

2. A wire form to attach your greenery to.

3. Advent Candles

(Brass stands not included)

4. A white pillar candle to represent the Christ Child.

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