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The Special Days of April

A list of the special feast days in April.

Happy first day of April! Let's look at the special days!

Easter was on the last day of March which moved us right into the season of Easter! Easter season begins with the Great Vigil of Easter and concludes 50 days later with Christ's Ascension and the birth of the Church on Pentecost Sunday. We celebrate the 50 days of Easter as one enormous feast or one enormous Sunday. There is absolutely no fasting allowed during this season of rejoicing! For 50 full days, we feast together, sing together, and rejoice together in the resurrection of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The first week of April is also the week after Easter and holds special significance. It is a special time to rest and celebrate the resurrection of the Lord.

We also start April with Easter Monday, a day for rest and taking an Emmaus Walk.

During April, we have an unusual occurrence, since the Feast of the Annunciation fell during Holy Week, it was moved to April 8th, so keep a lookout for that unusual date for the feast day!

On April 21st, we celebrate Good Shepherd Sunday, where we celebrate Jesus as the Good Shepherd.

On April 25th, we will celebrate the Feast of St. Mark, honoring a faithful disciple of Jesus and writer of the Gospel book.

Get ready! It's a busy but incredible month. Let us embrace it with wonder and awe!

Follow along as I share everything you’ll need to celebrate this special month, including the history, recipes, and traditions.

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