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The Special Days of January

Updated: Feb 1

Happy first day of January! I can't believe we are starting a new year! 2023 went by so fast but I am looking forward to celebrating 2024 with y'all!

This is a huge month in the Liturgical Calendar. On January 6, the season of Epiphany begins. With the celebration of Epiphany, a whole new season begins, Epiphanytide. Epiphanytide is not so much the end of Christmas as a continuation of Christmas. We began the Christmas season with a revelation, the revelation of God to His people in the birth of Jesus Christ, and throughout Epiphanytide the revelations of who Jesus is will continue until we begin the season of Lent.

During the month, there are so many feast days to celebrate! We begin with the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus where we remember the day that Jesus was named and circumcised. We will also celebrate the conversion of St. Paul and the confession of St. Peter. But my favorite of them all is Epiphany where we celebrate the revelation of Jesus to the whole world as symbolized by the Wise Men being led to Jesus.

Get ready! It's a busy month but an incredible month. Let us embrace it with wonder and awe!

Follow along as I share everything you’ll need to celebrate this special month, including the history, recipes, and traditions.

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