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Today is the Feast of St. Michael's and All Angels!

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Today is the feast of St. Michael and All Angels!

St. Michael’s and All Angels Day is also known as Michaelmas (pronounced mik-uhl-mus) which means the mass of St. Michael. It is the special day set aside by the church to celebrate St. Michael, the captain of the heavenly host as well as all other angels.

If you’d like to know why we celebrate this day along with all of the ways to celebrate, here’s the link.

One of the ways to celebrate is to make something with blackberries. According to an Irish legend, when Michael cast Lucifer out of Heaven, he fell on a blackberry bush and cursed and spat on the blackberries, making them sour. So after September 29 all blackberries must be eaten up. In honor of this amazing legend, make something with blackberries for dessert!


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