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How to Celebrate Holy Wednesday or Spy Wednesday

Updated: Apr 11

Today is Holy Wednesday or Spy Wednesday.

Spy Wednesday is the Wednesday before Easter Sunday, commemorating the day that Judas Iscariot made a deal with the chief priests to betray Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. It is called "Spy" Wednesday because Judas acted as a spy, secretly plotting to turn Jesus over to his enemies.

Spy Wednesday is a difficult day. How might one of Jesus’ companions turn against and betray him? Someone who has witnessed the love and power of God through Jesus approaches the religious leaders and asks them what they would give him for Jesus. What drove him to this? We are told in scripture that he has secretly been stealing money from Jesus but there also seems to be more going on. Was he hoping that the arrest of Jesus would be the spark that launched a Jewish rebellion against the Romans? Was he fed up with Jesus’ upside-down teachings? We can only guess his motives.

But we can look at our own hearts and motives. Reflecting on Judas’ betrayal is also difficult because it is a powerful reminder of our capacity for betrayal. We have to ask ourselves what powerful forces drive us to steal from Jesus and betray him.

Ways to celebrate:

Read John 12:1-11 and Matthew 26:1-25 as a family.

Discuss: Why do you think Judas was bothered by what Mary did? Why do you think Judas decided to betray Jesus? What is the difference between Mary’s response to Jesus and Judas’ What must it have been like for Jesus to be betrayed by one of his closest friends?

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