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What's Restoring My Heart Right Now

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

I am in a place in my life right now where my cup empties fast. I am really longing for and trying to spend any free time with things that are holy, peaceful and good. I thought I would share the things that I have been reading, watching and listening to lately that are restoring my soul.

A Curious Faith by Lore Wilbert. I love that Lore is encouraging curiosity as a spiritual habit. So often we are taught as Christians that it is not ok to ask questions but Lore’s book shows us that the bible is full of people asking, including God himself! The book is divided into three sections: questions God asks us, questions we ask God, and questions we wish someone would ask us. The section on questions we wish someone would ask us kills me; “What are you looking for? Do you Want to Be Well?”, etc. An entire book based on the questions asked in the bible and what it means for our lives is just so brilliant and so moving.