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A Better Way to Give Gifts

Advent is about slowing down, waiting, and preparing our hearts for the coming Lord. But the world pushes us in a different direction. It tells us to rush, to worry, to frantically try to find that perfect gift. 


Gift-giving has always been such a stressful thing for me during Advent. I couldn't figure out how to slow down and be more contemplative when I had to find the perfect gifts for people who already had everything! Last year I decided to do something different and it changed everything for me!

Right before Advent began, instead of buying gifts for the adults* in our lives, my husband and I made donations to a ministry that is making a life and death difference. We gave to purchase clean water and goats for the people of Montrouis, Haiti. 

This year the situation in Haiti is even more dire than it was last year and our money will go to an emergency 2-week winter camp to provide food, clean water, and a safe place for children to go.

Now, I am done with buying gifts before Advent begins so I really can slow down and focus on the things that matter and I actually feel like our gifts mean something now.

If you are interested in the ministry that we support, you can find them @konbithaiti


*Special Note -  I only do this for the adults in my life, not for my children. Or, if I do it for my children, I do it in addition to the gifts they asked for.

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