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Easter Lamb Round Up

Traditionally, in Christian homes around the world, the lamb is the prominent Easter symbol. Lamb is eaten as the main course for the Easter meal, butter is pressed into the shape of a lamb and placed on the dining table, lambs made of chocolate or sugar are in Easter baskets, and the central dessert is a beautiful Easter cake made in the shape of a lamb.

As we move through the season of Easter, let's take some time to remember the significance of the lamb and what it represents for us (read about that here).

Embracing the lamb as a central symbol in our Easter celebrations not only enriches our understanding of this joyous season but also serves as a poignant reminder of the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. I encourage you to incorporate this meaningful symbol in your home to deepen your family's appreciation of Easter's profound message. Whether through decorative crafts, special meals, or festive decor, let the image of the lamb invite reflection and gratitude for the sacrifice and resurrection that are at the heart of our faith.

I'm sharing an Easter Lamb roundup today of ways that you can incorporate the symbol of the lamb and all it means in your home!

For Your Home:

How sweet is this lamb print? I love Emily Lex's watercolor illustrations. They are so lovely! What a great way to fill your home with beauty and truth by displaying this lovely print in your house all Easter season for daily reminders of God's goodness. 

Lamb watercolor illustration with John 1:29: "Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!" Details:- 8"x10" print of original watercolor artwork by Emily Lex.

To Eat:

A traditional lamb mold used for making all kinds of lamb edibles. Use it to make lamb butter for the dinner table or special treats like sugar lambs or chocolate lambs.

Make a traditional lamb cake with this vintage-inspired lamb cake pan! In Poland, the Lamb Cake is the main dessert for Easter. It is a pound cake with buttercream frosting resting on a bed of green-dyed coconut. It looks so fun! Stay tuned for the recipe and instructions!

How cute are these little Lindt chocolate lambs? They would be so fun to pack in your child's lunch box or hand them right after a meal as a sweet reminder that Jesus is Our Passover Lamb!

Make lamb cookies to celebrate Jesus as the Lamb of God with this adorable cookie cutter!

To Play With:

These little Easter Lamb Plushes are so adorable! They would make such a great surprise gift during Easter and are perfect companions for cuddles and storytime about Jesus being our Passover Lamb!

Ann Wood is one of my favorite makers. I love this pattern she has for making these precious lamb dolls. These little lambs are super fast and very easy to make, perfect to make with children. And the pattern includes two sizes so you can make little lamb families!

I love these beautiful wooden magnets! They would be so fun to surprise your kids with this Easter! There are 11 magnets in the Easter morning set: 2 Angels, a Roman soldier, St. Peter, St. Mary Mother of James, St. John, Salome, St. Mary Magdalene, a rooster, and the Risen Christ! And check out the Paschal Lamb with the Resurrection Banner!

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