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The Study I'm Using During Lent: My Personal Lenten Spiritual Growth

The season of Lent is the special time that prepares us for the most miraculous event in our lives, the death and resurrection of Jesus. In a culture that frequently prizes instant gratification and superficial pleasures, Lent calls us to something deeper, something more enduring. It’s a call to look inward, to confront our weaknesses, and to embrace the grace that is so freely offered to us in Christ.

I think books and devotionals are some of the best ways to prepare our hearts for the coming of Easter. As a family, we always go through the guidebook that I wrote, The Liturgical Home: Lent but in addition to that, I always have something that I am personally reading or walking through for my own personal Lenten spiritual growth.

Today I thought I would share what I am going to be working through during Lent -

and a Lenten prayer journal from The Daily Grace Co.

I've seen it advertised and was really intrigued by a workbook that would guide me through an examination of myself and dealing with my sin and then so excited when I was gifted it! I have looked through it and absolutely love it!

Here's the description from their website:

What does it look like to live for Christ? How do we pursue obedience to Jesus while battling our sinful flesh? How do we have hope on this side of eternity as we live with the presence of sin? If these are the questions you have, then From Death to Life: 40 Days of Dying to Self and Living for Christ is the study for you.

From Death to Life is a 40-day study that centers on the beauty of the gospel and how Christ’s grace and forgiveness encourage us to die to ourselves and live for Jesus.

I'm excited to work through it this Lent. I hope it will be a blessing to you as well! Have a blessed Lent!

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