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Planting Paperwhites for the Season of Epiphany: Cultivating Hope and Growth

As we move into the season of Epiphany, we find ourselves surrounded by the liturgical color green, a hue that symbolizes growth, life, and the ever-present hope we have in the Lord. This season, a special and meaningful activity could be to plant paperwhites. These beautiful, white flowers not only align with the themes of Epiphany but also offer a tangible way to reflect on and participate in the themes of this liturgical season. Watching their growth from bulb to blossom mirrors our spiritual journey, especially during Epiphany. As these bulbs transform, they remind us of the revelation of Christ to the world and the continuous growth in our faith. It’s also a wonderful way to introduce children to the concepts of growth and renewal in a tangible, hands-on way.

Paperwhite Instructions:

paperwhite bulbs (You can find these at most nurseries. I ordered mine online.)

container (I had several ceramic pots in my garage but you could even use a ceramic kitchen bowl.)

potting soil

Select a container. Fill it with potting soil and nestle the bulbs in the potting soil, making sure that only 1/3 of the bulb is covered.

Water your paperwhites gently, just enough to moisten the soil without overwatering. Continue watering only when the soil is dry. You don't want to overwater paperwhite bulbs or they will rot.

Bringing it All Together

As you care for them daily, let this be a time of prayer and reflection with your family. Each day, as you watch the green shoots emerge and grow, consider how the Lord is cultivating growth and hope in your life. This daily act becomes a living metaphor for nurturing your faith. Our growth in the Lord, like the growth of a paperwhite, is gradual but filled with beauty and wonder.

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