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The Special Days of March

Updated: Apr 1

Happy first day of March!

This is a huge month in the Liturgical Year! At the beginning of the month, we continue our Lenten disciplines. On March 10th, we begin to transition to Easter when we celebrate a lightening of the Lenten mood on Laetare Sunday.

Then we have St. Patrick's Day quickly followed by St. Joseph's Day and in no time, we are in Holy Week! I love that Easter Sunday falls on the final day of March this year! It seems appropriate to end the month with the apex feast day of the Christian Year, Easter Sunday!

Get ready! It's a busy but incredible month. Let us embrace it with wonder and awe!

Follow along as I share everything you’ll need to celebrate this special month, including the history, recipes, and traditions.

Helpful Links:

The Feast of St. Patrick

The Feast of St. Joseph

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