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How to Celebrate Tuesday of Holy Week

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

It’s Tuesday of Holy Week! After Jesus cleanses the temple, he moves to the Mount of Olives where he speaks about the destruction of Jerusalem and the end of the age. Holy Monday and Holy Tuesday of Holy Week are set aside for spring cleaning so keep cleaning and preparing for Easter.

Traditionally, Monday and Tuesday of Holy Week have been used for accomplishing the bulk of the work for Easter day. Easter Sunday is the most important feast day and is a time for joyous celebration so as little work as possible was supposed to be done on that special day. Monday and Tuesday of Holy Week were set aside to get the bulk of the work out of the way. The cleaning, cooking, and ironing were done by Wednesday so that the rest of Holy Week and Easter could be enjoyed with no distractions.

Ways to celebrate:

Read Matthew Matthew 24-25 as a family. Who is Jesus speaking to? Why do you think he is telling them these things?

Like Holy Monday, it's time to spring clean! Assign chores to each family member, put on some good worship music, and clean your house!

If you have some things that you can make in advance for Easter, go ahead and make them. I make casseroles during these days and put them in the freezer. I set them out to thaw on Holy Saturday and simply pop them in the oven to make on Easter Day.


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