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Happy Feast of St. Mary, Mother of Our Lord

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Today is the feast of St. Mary!

It’s the day that we remember and celebrate Mary, the mother of our Lord.

We honor her today and are thankful for her humble obedience and her “yes” to the call that God had on her life.

Mary has been celebrated by the Church from the earliest days of the Church. We are thankful for the upbringing that she provided to Jesus. We are also thankful that she continued to support Jesus in his ministry and that she was one of the few who remained with him all of the way to the end even to his death on the cross. We are thankful that even after Jesus’ death, Mary was in the upper room with the disciples, waiting and praying for the gift of the Holy Spirit.

I love what the book “Lesser Feasts and Fasts” says -

What we can believe is that one who stood in so intimate a relationship with the incarnate Son of God on earth must, of all the human race, have the place of highest honor in the eternal life of God. A paraphrase of an ancient Greek hymn expresses this belief in very familiar words: “O higher than the cherubim, more glorious than the seraphim, lead their praises, alleluia.”

Ways to Celebrate:

Make something with rosemary. Rosemary is the herb associated with St. Mary. Legend has it that the blossoms of the rosemary plant were white until Mary stopped to do laundry during the holy family’s flight to Egypt. Mary threw her blue cloak over a rosemary bush to dry and the flowers have been blue ever since.

One of my favorite ways to use rosemary is this easy roast chicken recipe from The Pioneer Woman. You use lemons, rosemary and a lot of butter. It’s tender and so flavorful!